The new kwb hand tools catalogue

Dear customers,
welcome to our new kwb hand tools catalogue.

For more than 80 years, kwb Germany GmbH has provided a system for the supply of power tool accessories and hand tools.
Experience, great stock availability, dependable quality, innovative thinking and action combine together to create a good, strong brand. This is what kwb Germany GmbH stands for. It is our goal to purchase kwb items at the highest quality level from all over the world. kwb Germany GmbH proves this day in, day out, with passion and dedication to you, our partners.

We are pleased to introduce the new kwb hand tools catalogue. The catalogue has been completely modernised, and the layout made clearer. Enhanced with many attractive and innovative new products, there is also a range of important information, and tips for the correct use of the kwb hand tool range. With this new hand tools catalogue we want to give you the means to develop a closer working relationship with us.

True to our slogan „...always the right tool!“ kwb offers its customers, and in turn their customers, all that they need for their workshop.

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