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SAFETY-FIXX Voltage,metal and stud detector

Precise location and hazard-free drilling with the 3in1 SAFETY-FIXX interior location device. Before drilling you can be sure that there are no hidden live cables, pipes or battens under the surface to be drilled.
The device simply calibrates itself to the work surface, then with one pass detects any live cables, metal up to 38 mm deep and drywall studs up to 18 mm deep. When the device detects something the diodes illuminate and there is an acoustic signal. Using the reference points on the housing you can accurately mark the first edge of buried objects on the first pass. By then passing the device back in the other direction you can mark the other extremity of the buried object, so exactly between the marks is the centre of the object. Measurement accuracy +/- 3 mm, 9 volt alkaline battery included, dimensions 15.5 × 6.5 cm.

Steel Softwood
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inkl. 9 Volt Alkaline battery