• CrV steel, matt satin finish, box joint, finely serrated grip surfaces. 2-component
    grip for three-way slip protection, for optimal power transfer and
    fatigue-free working
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Electronic pliers

  • matt satin finish, 2-component grip for optimal power transfer and fatigue-
    free working, self-opening, especially for working with electronic components
    and in precision engineering
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VDE pliers

  • CrV steel, box joint, 2-component grip with slip guard, for optimal power
    transfer and fatigue-free working, especially for working on electrical installations,
    protect up tom 1000 volts AC or 1500 volts DC
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Special pliers and accessories

  • Pipe wrenches
  • Waterpump pliers
  • Carpenters pincers
  • Self-grip pliers
  • Bolt croppers
  • Tinsnips
  • Punch and eyelet pliers
  • Insulation-stripping pliers
  • Crimping pliers
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