Drills bits

Drills bits

Drill bits for metal

  • long working life due to accurately ground spirals
  • exact hole diameters to very close tolerances
  • cross-ground drill bits
  • facilitate centering without
    punching or pilot drilling
  • high quality surface hardening gives long working life even under extreme conditions

Concrete and masonry drill bits

  • drill bits with cylindrical shank for use in impact and
    rotary drills
  • drill bits with SDS Plus shank for use in hammer drills
  • chisels with SDS Plus shank for use in hammer drills
    and chasing machines

Specialised drill bits

  • Multi-material drill bits for electric drills and also with
    SDS shank for use with hammer drills. For universal
    use in wood, metal, tiles, ceramics, masonry and
  • Glass and tile drills for use in glass and ceramic tiles
  • Porcelain drill bits for especially hard tiles

Wood drill bits

  • Wood drill bits for every type of wood and every job
  • For drilling in softwoods and hardwoods
  • For decking, interior woodwork,
    joinery or framework
  • show

drill boxes

  • solid plastic case
  • safe locking
  • integrated handle
  • The optimal enhancement for all cordless screwdrivers, drills and corded power drills