Hot gluing

Hot melt glue gun GLUE GUN FL528 FC

For quick and secure glueing for handicrafts, repairs, decorating. The universal glue for household, workshop and hobby, pinpoint accuracy glueing of metals, glass, ceramics, marble, wood, leather, textiles, plastics (not PP, PE, Polystyrene). The glue is weather-resistant. Suitable for use indoors and outdoors. AC supply 230 V/ 50Hz, heating up time 3-5 min., operating temperature 195 C, output 14-16 g/min, cable length 140cm, weight 255g

Art.-Nr. Content Output Diameter of sticks
Hot melt glue gun GLUE GUN FL528 FC, 2 glue sticks 11mm + accessories
20 W (80 W)