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HSS plunge-cutting saw blade, semi-circular

Cuts coated wood up to 50 mm. Easy plunging into the material at any position, for cutting into plastic, glass fibre, sheet metal up to 2 mm, copper pipes, aluminium pipes and profile sections. E.g. flush-cutting of protruding nails from wood or copper pipe from the wall. Trouble-free trimming of door frames when installing laminate flooring and parquet. Smooth plunge-cutting into kitchen worktops for air grilles, in cupboards or plasterboard for access to power outlets. Effortless cutting into glass fibre for boat building or into plastic elements. Easy cut-outs in thin metal sheets and non-ferrous metals.

Non-ferrous metals Sheet metal Plastic Softwood
Art.-Nr. Width Content
Plunge-cut saw blade, HSS, 80 mm